MEET adbrainiacs

We scale ecommerce stores from $30k-$100k a month in revenue to 1mm in revenue with effective online advertsing


We are a performance agency specializing in online advertising.

We help online store owners go from several dozen to several hundred thousand per month within a few months using Facebook, Instagram, Google, TikTok and e-mail automation.

We implement tried & tested solutions and modern marketing strategies to carry out over 3,800 effective campaigns for clients from Poland, Germany, Great Britain, Vietnam, Malaysia, USA, Canada and Australia.

Our work is tailored to the individual needs of each client, which allows us to generate results several times higher than the ad budget.

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Paweł Sierpowski

Online Marketing Expert

I specialize in business strategy, international expansion and in the nuances of advertising on Facebook and Instagram. I also work with Google Ads and Tik Tok ads.

Thanks to the knowledge gained at universities all over the world, mentoring with the world’s best specialists and my own experience in working with e-commerce businesses across three continents, I help online store owners sell more.

Over the course of several years, I grew online stores for clients from the clothing & apparel, cosmetics, supplements, luxury industries and more. I also created customer acquisition systems for the legal, dental, plastic surgery and other industries. I conduct workshops and share my knowledge in trade journals.

In addition to my experience in online marketing, I have business consulting skills gained while working at PwC and HSBC.